i cant believe emmet from the lego movie is in guardians of the galaxy


i wish i was as pretty as my icon


sorry for replying in  0.2 seconds haha its not like i was waiting hahaha

wtf also i asked 4 digital art class but instead im in a class of a bunch of ppl i dont know besides some nice lady that looks like lorde but oh my goddd this class is 4 babies the teacher talked about how youre supposed to draw for the whole period by giving us a packet called how to draw from the 80s probably and shes like “THERES ONLY 1 WAY TO DRAW ALSO NO DRAWINGS OF COPYRIGHTED THINGS IN MY CLASSROOM THEY HAVE TO BE ORIGINAL OR YOURE STEALING”

ahh yes if a 9th grader draws a fanart drawing of the powerpuff girls for a tiny art class grade in a little state craig mccracken is going to burst into the room crying and sue me for stealing his copyright

im in hell



when commercials have internet memes in them




eating in class when ur not supposed to


Wtf my mom and the lunch lady told me school food was yummy since I always just bring pbj to school so I was Like “ok I’ll have some” and it was good but the mashed potatoes literally tasted like nothing…. It made me feel so dead inside that 1 of my favorite foods looked so good but actually had no taste at all like water it was so surreal


Dipper pls

I had hair in my mouth in 1 pic and also yeah I’m standing on a toilet in one pic that’s like the only big mirror


I’ve only gone to high school for two days and I’ve already accidentally wore the same outfit as someone and started a nerd gang and probably got a girl gay 4 me
Im doing pretty good